1) When does the registration period start?

The registration form shall be fill out on the Journalism Award page from March 5th to July 2nd, 2018, on www.premiojornalismo.com.br.

2) What are the publication dates allowed for the news story?

Only news stories about the agribusiness published from September 5th, 2017 to July 2nd, 2018 will be allowed.

3) If the news story was made by more than one journalist, can the registration be made for all of them?

In case of news stories signed by more than one author, only one name will be allowed to register on behalf of the others. The representative will take responsibility for the news story. The other authors will have their participation credited in the work.

4) Can I register a series of stories?

Yes, as long as it is according to the following specifications:

  • Newspaper and Magazine categories: up to 3 (three) news stories in series per registration.
  • TV category: only content broadcast with up to 20 min of duration will be accepted. There is no restriction for the number of blocks.
  • Multimedia category: the total time limit established is up to 5 minutes per registration.
5) How many times can I register?

Each participant can make up to 3 (three) registrations in each one of the referred categories. This means 3 registrations per journalist in each category and not per company.

6) What are the assessment criterion?

Only news stories on agribusiness can compete. The news stories will be assessed by a Judging Committee that will consider the technical aspects of the journalistic activity, such as how the information was obtained, the assignment was developed, edition and resources used to build the story.

7) When will the finalists’ names be released?

The names of the finalists are already available on the home page of the Journalism Award. All participants also received an e-mail with the names on the address informed during registration.

8) Where and when will the award ceremony take place?

The event will be on August 29 in Canoas, Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil). AGCO do Brasil and Massey Ferguson will pay for all the costs resulting from airplane tickets and hotel fees for the finalists during the award ceremony.

Do you have any further questions? Please contact us via premiomfjornalismo@agcocorp.com.